How to Choose the Right Fishing Reel

There are four main types of fishing reels: overhead, spinning, baitcaster, and fly reels. Which one you choose will depend on what kind of fish you’re trying to catch, as well as where you’re fishing. After all, each type of fishing reel has its own strengths and weaknesses, and in order to choose the best one, you must learn what you can about the different types.

Overhead reelsHow to Choose the Right Fishing Reel

If you’re heading out onto a boat, you’ll likely be using overhead reels for your fishing rod. This is because they’re designed in a way where no cast is required—all you do is drop the line down and you’re done. Overheads are mainly used to either bait or lure fish, and they can come in a wide variety of sizes depending on the kind of fish you’re trying to catch.

Spinning reels

Spinning reels, or eggbeaters, are one of the most commonly used types of reels. This is because they’re extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of fish and situations. They’re excellent for casting as their spool does not spin.

Baitcasting reels

Baitcasters are extremely similar to overheads. Both sit on top of the rod and are similar in design. Baitcasters, however, are more versatile than overheads, and they also come with a braking system that allows you to adjust the spool’s rotation. These reels can be difficult to manage, though, so they should only be used by master anglers.

Fly reels

Fly reels are single action reels that are specifically designed for fly fishing. They’re extremely simple in design—the reel is essentially just a place to store the line—although they do counterbalance the weight of the rod while casting a line.

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